Run your own Chozen franchise

We currently have over 30 franchise and owner operations across our Asian-led brands.

What we don’t want to be is the next KFC, however, if you want to get involved in helping us build the business and are prepared to work hard to make it happen then we would like to hear from you.  As you would expect we offer a full package of support and training.

In terms of capital, you will need a minimum of £60,000 to invest into your Chozen Franchise, with the total cost being dependent on the location and size of operation.


A unique quick service concept

Chozen has been developed to take advantage of the growing popularity of eating a wider range of quality healthy Asian food. The use of fresh ingredients and Asian flavours capitalises on the expanding market of consumers that want something more than just burgers and fried chicken.

  • Proven track record with a concept that works in a variety of flexible formats from high street to food court and transport hubs. We are not just Franchisors and we operate our own stores to prove the viability of the business.
  • Simple concept to execute and low setup costs. No specialist skills required as we do all the setup and supply the product at an advantageous price.
  • Full support package covering every key aspect of your Chozen franchise business
  • Strong return on investment and reduced risk as in general Franchises are proven to have a 90%+ success rate unlike most start-up business’s


What does the franchise fee include?

It’s in everyone’s interests that we try to set you up for success so we have developed a comprehensive start-up and ongoing support package. As Owner Operators and Franchisors we have been working with Franchisees for over 20 years so we know that to be a successful franchisor and to keep the Chozen brand a growing business it is essential that we both make money. That means doing our best to set you up for success. So by helping our Franchisees with all the key aspects of getting into business from choosing the right location to training you and the key members of your opening team.

The support package includes:

Training & operations

The comprehensive operations manual covers all aspects of your business from daily set up to product ordering, clean schedules, staff rotas and everything you need to know about running a successful Chozen franchise.

We will train you at one of our stores and provide one of our team to help you set up and work in your business for the first week of operation

Site selection

Support with site acquisition. Location, Location, Location. The team has been involved in not just opening the 16 Chozen locations but numerous other sites for other concepts, so together with their agent network we will help you find the right location to start the business.

Design and building out the location

The cost of the store design is something you need to budget for but our designers have experience of putting together numerous Chozen locations so can offer a cost effective route to getting the best design in terms of visual impact and at the same time controlling the setup costs. We will also offer advice on getting a competitive bid to build out the project.


The fee also includes our guerilla marketing and PR package, which will help you connect with the local community.

An exclusive territory and a 10-year renewable licence. As a franchisee, you buy the right to develop your business in a defined geographical area, with a guarantee from us that there will not be another Chozen competitor in that area. In addition, the franchise includes your right to use of the Chozen brand Intellectual Property (IP).


We will help ensure you have the right equipment to get started and a nominated buyer’s list for all the items you need to run your business. This includes specially negotiated rates for services such as credit cards, catering equipment, and so forth.


Are Chozen Noodle members of the British Franchise Association?

We are not currently members of the BFA but all our documentation and Legal agreements were drawn up based on the BFA’s Ethical Code of Practice by our Lawyers.

What qualifications do I need to become a successful Chozen Franchisee?

You need to have a strong desire and drive to build your own business. Self-motivation is more important than what your skills are, however hospitality skills and a good service mentality are a definite bonus. You must be willing to devote your full time and attention to the day-to-day operations and expansion of the business.

What are my chances of success?

The numbers speak for themselves. Entering into business as a franchisee dramatically improves your chances of success. Bank mangers prefer lending to Franchisees for the simple reason that in new business start-ups the failure rate within the first two years for non-franchised business is 70% whilst the failure rate for franchised business is less than 10%

What are the main challenges a new franchises face?

Getting the right locations is the primary challenge. It takes time and can be frustrating. We help by providing site options that come to us from our franchisee landlord and agency network across the UK however it can also be the franchisee who finds the right opportunity. We will then visit the location and approve it if we think it’s going to work.


We take a partnership approach to our franchisees so just like any successful partnership it has to work for both sides. If you believe Chozen is a good fit for your future and you want to become part of the success story please fill in the online form below so we can get back to you.

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